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Bathroom Led Bluetooth Mirror

In everyday bathroom use, we always need to use the lights. Especially when bathing and washing at night, it will be black without turning on the light, and nothing can be seen at all. Some families put the switch control and the socket together. Just after taking a shower, people are going to turn off the switch. As a result, the hand still carried water, and accidentally touched the socket, which would result in electric shock. Considering this happening, the bathroom led bluetooth mirror was introduced to the market. This mirror has an LED strip and waterproof function, and uses a separate power supply structure to cut off the possibility of electric shock.

The LED light in the bathroom light mirror can be easily turned on by touching the touch switch on the bathroom led bluetooth mirror. In order to avoid the possibility of water immersion, the back of this bathroom led bluetooth mirror is a waterproof box with a moisture-proof backboard or a protective power supply. Hangzhou spremiumbath bathroom led bluetooth mirror light strip also used 5050 waterproof light belt can better provide you with waterproof protection measures on the bathroom led blue mirror. In addition, the bathroom led bluetooth mirror can also customize Bluetooth music, time temperature display, anti-fog, magnifying glass and other functions.

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