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Is It Necessary to Install An Anti-fog Mirror in the Bathroom? The Bathroom Artifact from Japan Was

I don't know if you have such troubles. Every time after taking a shower, I want to take a mirror, but the mirror is full of fog. It's really annoying. It could not be wiped clean by hand, and soon it was covered with water vapor. What is even more exasperating is that after the mirror is naturally dried, there will be traces of hand rubbing on it, and it is necessary to clean the mirror.

When I learned that there was a thing like a led bathroom mirror with demister and bluetooth, a burst of joy in my heart, after all, it will become more beautiful. Today's article tells you about the led bathroom mirror with demister and bluetooth.

The basic principle of the led bathroom mirror with demister and bluetooth
Simply put, the anti-fog mirror achieves anti-fog effect in two ways. First, the physical heating is to install a heating device on the back of the mirror. When the water vapor encounters the mirror, it will not only produce condensation beads, but also evaporate quickly and remain dry.

The second way is to treat the surface of the mirror, such as a film, such as a brush coating, to prevent water molecules from forming water droplets on the surface of the glass to achieve anti-fog effect. Anti-fog eyes and anti-fog in automobile glass are the principle.

Which is better for a home with a led bathroom mirror with demister and bluetooth?
After the shower, I saw myself in the mirror without fog. The experience was really good, and everyone who used it knew it. But what is the best way to do it?

The anti-fog mirror of the heating principle needs to be plugged into the power supply. If the power supply interface is reserved during the decoration, you may wish to change the anti-fog bathroom mirror directly. Generally, it will combine the lighting function and save the money for buying the mirror headlights.

If plugging is not convenient, you can only consider filming or brushing antifogging agents. However, if the film is applied, the anti-fog effect may be reduced for a long time. If the coating is applied, it needs to be applied regularly, but the mirror may become blurred for a long time. Moreover, some paints have the potential to release chemicals in a warm and humid environment, and the environmental protection is poor.

Therefore, in comparison, the heating led bathroom mirror with demister and bluetooth is more cost-effective, more convenient to use, save trouble, and peace of mind. If someone feels that they have to pay for electricity, they can only open it when they are taking a bath, and they will not be too expensive.

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