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The Main Function of Magnifying Mirror with Led light-Magnify the Details

There are many kinds of mirrors that we use at home, vanity mirrors are always made of magnifying glass, its frame is made of metal, plastics and hard paper, its decoration  is with sculpture, printing and inset, its stand is with lifting rod or folding. It has many different kinds of design and colors. This kind of mirror is very popular among girls. In recent years, led magnifying mirror with led light in market is mainly put in the bathroom, it is has good water proof and anti-fogging performance, choosing a led magnifying mirror with led light when decoration house, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Look at mirror plane carefully to make sure whether coating film has par ti-color and whether its mirror plane is smooth or not.

2. Look at its stitching to make sure there is no rupture, because a small crack will cause broken mirror at last.

3. Choose its thickness, different thickness has different price. Many people will choose thinner mirror for saving money, however, thin mirror will make mirror broken easily, it is better to choose 5mm thickness.

4. Look at baseboard to make sure whether it is flat and thick, base board always be ignored by people, but it is the basis of the mirror.

5. Especially pay attention to its waterproof and anti-fogging performance, because it is used in the bathroom.

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