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Waterproof Led Magnifying Bath Mirror

When we use bathroom in our daily life, we always need light, especially when we take a shower at night, we won't see anything if there is no light. But some family put switch and socket together, we will get an electric shock if we touch the switch with wet hands, taking this kind of situation into consideration, waterproof led magnifying bath mirror comes out, this kind of mirror is with light and waterproof function, it has detachable structure of the power source, it avoids the possibility of electric shock.

You can turn on led light of mirror by touching the switch on the surface of led mirror. In order to avoid water getting into power supply, its back side has moisture proof back and waterproof box for protecting power supply. Our led magnifying bath mirror is also with 5050 waterproof lamp tape for providing you with waterproof protection. Besides, led magnifying bath mirror can define Bluetooth music, time, temperature, anti-fogging and magnifying bath mirror by itself.

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