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What to Do With the Fog on the Bathroom Mirrors

Everyone must has the similar experience: after taking a shower and drying our bodies, there is much fog on the mirror so that we can't see anything at that time. What should we do?

Method 1: Use hand or cloth to wipe. Method 2: Wait, time has something to do with temperature ans humidity. Method 3: go back to bedroom. At this time, why not buy a led bathroom mirror with demister, which as light and demist quickly.

The most efficient mist method, its principle is heating mirror itself to reduce temperature difference, if there is no fog, it is anti-fog, the time for demist is connected with heating power. But attention, if heating power is too large, fast temperature change may cause mirror broken. At the same time, when we purchase the bathroom things, it must be with earth leakage protection, if you use hand with water to touch it, it is dangerous.

Products of Chunnuan Bath has safety guaranty with many choices, welcome to choose our led bathroom mirror with demister.
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