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Backlit Bathroom Mirror Demister

Intelligent is perfecting all aspects of life, from daily life to daily habits, the backlit bathroom mirror demister allows you to completely bid farewell to the fog. Nothing can stop the pursuit of the beauty of the world, the Spremium bathroom knows your requirements for beauty and lets you The mirror clear and flawless.

Have you ever had such troubles: in the bathroom, you have to keep rubbing the water vapor in the mirror. The whole bathroom is full of water vapor. You can't see the beauty in the mirror. Even if you want to apply a mask you can only act on your intuition. There is now a better choice, backlit bathroom mirror demister - intelligent defogging system, to get rid of water vapor, even if the environment is humid, you can have a refreshing mirror.

Soft backlit light is gentle and glare-free. It has a more comfortable user experience. Even in the bathroom with wet and dry separation, the indoor temperature rises after showering, and the temperature difference with the mirror surface temperature, combined with the high humidity of the air, it is easy to fog the mirror. The misty mirror can be traced by hand but it will leave traces. Over time, it will look like flowers in the fog. The design of the heat-removing wire behind the fog-removing mirror can avoid condensation of water vapor, which is a must-have for modern life.
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