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The Bathroom Does Not Lack A Mirror, But It Lacks A LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror!

Many people think that it is not enough to have a ceiling lamp for lighting in the bathroom. My Daniel Wu-like appearance doesn't need a bathroom light mirror to remind! Although you are so confident about your face: because there is no bathroom mirror, your appearance really can't be discovered.

Due to the beam angle, when there is only one ceiling lamp in the bathroom, it is limited to evenly distribute the light in the space. When we are near the mirror, we will block some of the light, making it impossible to see the details of the face. At this time, the importance of the led illuminated bathroom mirror as the focus of the light source is highlighted. But what should you pay attention to when choosing a bathroom light mirror?

Select a parallel linear light source:
The led illuminated bathroom mirror with the light parallel to the mirror, when illuminated, is the most suitable. In addition, the bathroom light source will have better illumination on both sides of the mirror than the top. The led illuminated bathroom mirror is based on the light source on both sides so that the light is more even and sufficient to minimize the shadow of the face.

The warm yellow light should not be used:
The color of the light source of the selected bathroom light mirror should not be warm yellow, otherwise, it will produce chromatic aberration and affect the makeup effect. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a color temperature of 4000k. This kind of light source is closer to natural light, which brings out the natural makeup surface and can also take selfies under no pressure.

Moisture proof:
The bathroom is damp, so pay attention to the moisture and maintenance of the lamp body, so as not to cause rust damage or leakage short circuit of the led illuminated bathroom mirror after long-term use. Therefore, when choosing a led illuminated bathroom mirror, you should choose the right waterproof material or a product with a moisture-proof lamp cover.

From the aspect of home decoration, the led illuminated bathroom mirror can also be combined with different color bathroom products to create a harmonious bathroom atmosphere. Then, as for the headlamp of this lens that you lack, give Spremium to fill!
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