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Which Shape And Texture Of Bathroom Mirror Should I Choose?

The bathroom mirror is an important component of the bathroom. I t also plays an important part in the bathroom's harmonious style, the safety of use and even the privacy protection of the individual. Today, the bathroom mirror has a variety of appearances, square, oval, or a single mirror which is edging and mirror-finished, exquisite and practical; some are part of the bathroom cabinet, with the mirror lamp cabinet, so the storage function is powerful... The function is of course as much as possible, and the shape and texture will often make us headachy when we consider buying. Here's a simple guide to buying.

Shape and style: The bathroom mirrors are mainly oval, square and round. Generally, the oval and round illuminated bathroom mirrors are more suitable for European, Mediterranean, and other romantic bathroom environments. The square is more suitable for subtle, American and Chinese styles which are more generous. The bathroom atmosphere can be combined with different border materials to create vintage or modern or simple styles. The round illuminated bathroom light mirror looks tender and soft, and the square bathroom light mirror is simple and generous.

Texture material: Silver mirror and aluminum mirror are two kinds of mirror materials which are more common at present. The refractive index of the silver mirror is better than that of an aluminum mirror. It will be brighter under the same illumination, and the quality is better, especially suitable for a dim bathroom with less lighting surface. The aluminum mirror is more economical and can meet the basic needs of the daily bathroom.
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