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Specification and Installation of LED Demister Mirror

In fact, in our bathroom, we often find that the mirror is foggy, which is very inconvenient. Now in order to solve this problem, there has been a design of LED Demister Mirror. If we can use this led demister mirror in the bathroom, it can greatly reduce this bad situation. So, now many people are using these led demister mirrors in their homes. There are various brands of LED Demister Mirror in the market, but the gap in price is obvious. So many people don't know how to buy a correct LED Demister Mirror.

In fact, as long as you have mastered some basic selection conditions, you don't have to worry about such problems. In fact, many people can realize the effect of this product after using it for a period of time. And, when you are buying it, you can directly do a fog test in the mirror. You shall use the watering can for a simple test. If the water drops can not stick to the mirror surface, it shows the performance of this brand of LED Demister Mirror is good.

The anti-fog film, LED Demister Mirror installation base treatment

1.When installing a led demister mirror, we should first check whether the base surface is a solid, flat and sharp protrusion. If it is found that the foundation surface is not firm, such as the gypsum board foundation surface, we must embed the keel to fix it and ensure that the foundation surface is flat.

2.If there are hard objects such as tiles, marble, metal and glass mosaic around, a soft pad of 2mm thickness shall be placed on the lower edge of the lens. With the thermal expansion of the LED demister mirror, if there is not enough clearance, the LED Demister Mirror is very easy to crack.

3. If silica gel / double-sided adhesive is applied and fixed with mirror nails, led demister mirror will cling to the wall or the base plate. Outlet, conduit, and cassette shall be reserved on the base surface to lead out the power line of LED Demister Mirror.

Installation steps of anti-fog film and LED Demister Mirror:

1. We choose the appropriate size of an anti-fog film according to the mirror size, installation mode, anti-fog effect, etc.

2. After taking out the anti-fog film according to the instructions of the outer package, if there is a multimeter, it can be adjusted to the inner core of the resistance test power line. If the pointer jitters or the digital display, the device is normal. Long term storage or deformation of products must be tested to confirm that they are not damaged before use.

3. Place the antifogging film on the back of the mirror and mark it. Remove the release backing. Two people level the antifogging film and align it with the mark, and apply it from one end to the next, with no edge warping and bubble. If the size of the antifogging film you choose is the same as that of the lens, and the shape is also oval or round, you can cut off the redundant part with an art blade after the antifogging film is pasted flat. It should be noted that if you choose the resistance wire anti fog film, you must be careful when operating. Because as long as there is a little damage, the whole anti-fog film is useless.

4. When installing the LED Demister Mirror, the power line can be routed through the reserved conduit, with a separate switch or a switch shared in parallel with the front mirror lamp. Led demister mirror can be fixed with mirror nails, etc., and sealed with neutral sealant around. We want to keep the inside of the mirror dry, clean and free of grease. Prevent the mercury layer on the back of the mirror from being corroded so as to affect the adhesion of the anti-fog film back glue.

5.LED Demister Mirror can be used after power on for about 5 minutes after installation. The temperature rise of pet - carbon-based film - antifogging film / - carbon fiber antifogging film can be adjusted by itself. If the power is on for a long time, the temperature on the surface of the LED demister mirror will rise to the design value and then stop rising. But if it is resistance wire anti-fog film, if it is heated for a long time, it will not only waste energy, but also accelerate the aging of PVC anti-fog film, accelerate resistance wire oxidation, and shorten the service life of LED demister mirror.


1. Do not force the power cord to damage the circuit.

2. It is not allowed to cut or open holes by itself. Mechanical damage shall be prevented.

3. It is best to install in the environment higher than 10 ℃. The mirror back and membrane surface shall be dry, clean and protected from moisture.

4. The sealant must be neutral. Do not use acid or alkaline sealant to avoid damaging the silver coating of the mirror.

5. The conductor is led out from the preset outlet. The power cord shall be prevented from curling behind the mirror, resulting in the uneven installation of the mirror.

6. When LED Demister Mirror is working, the lens may expand slightly. During installation, it should be considered that there is an elastic margin of more than 1mm at the edge of the lens.

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