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Steam Free Led Bathroom Mirrors Are Different!

Online shopping is now the trend of the times. When some customers respond to us, the price of our bathroom mirror is more expensive than the price of mirrors in taobao. In fact, I just want to say that Hangzhou Spring spremiumbath is a manufacturer of factory direct shipping. It has excellent brand guarantee and quality assurance. Its mission is to serve each customer and customize their own bathroom mirrors for each customer. And everyone knows that steam free led bathroom mirrors belong to electrical hardware furniture, and its batteries are consumables, so the factory will not pick up the goods, because the quality of the goods is not guaranteed. We customize the bathroom mirror according to the size function required by each customer to create a satisfactory bathroom mirror product for each customer. In terms of quality, unlike many merchants that use silver mirrors, we use an upgraded environmental mirror with silver mirror technology. Mirrors are generally divided into silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors. The paint used on the back of these two mirrors is lead-containing. Therefore, strictly speaking, it cannot be used as a green mirror. In recent years, the technology of silver mirror has made a breakthrough, and it can be changed to lead-free paint. This type of mirror is called a lead-free copper-free mirror and can also be called a green mirror. This kind of mirror back paint is light gray, which is rarely sold in China and is basically exported. High-gloss waterproof LED strips and IP67 high-grade waterproof and anti-solid power supply improve the quality of the steam free led bathroom mirrors of Hangzhou spremiumbath.

So do not think that the quality of some products  on Taobao is the same as that of Hangzhou spremiumbath steam free led bathroom mirrors. We are committed to serving every consumer to produce the necessary bathroom mirror products!

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