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The Anti-fog Problem of Bathroom Mirrors Has Always Been A Problem for the Majority of Families

The anti-fog problem of bathroom mirrors has always been one of the problems that the majority of families have criticized. The fog in the mirror in the bathroom not only affects the practical use, but also causes the mirror to be dirty. How to prevent fog in bathroom mirrors?

Heated bathroom mirror

In fact, for many bathroom mirrors, the effective means of anti-fog is to make the temperature of the mirror higher than the temperature of the room or the water vapor, so that the water vapor will not condense, thus achieving a good anti-fog effect. Therefore, the bathroom mirror anti-fog can also make a fuss on the mirror, you can use the heated mirror in the bathroom, so the mirror will not produce fog, and many places are using the bathroom mirror led demister mirror.

Wipe the candle homemade bathroom mirror led lights demister

Use a candle to smear one side in a single direction. After a few minutes, wipe it off with a soft rag. This method has a very good effect on our bathroom mirror anti-fog, but one thing to note is that the candle will leave a trace on the mirror. But it does not affect the aesthetics of our mirrors at all, this method is worthy of your reference!

Use anti-fog coating

In a variety of bathroom mirror anti-fog methods, there is a relatively new way, that is, the bathroom mirror can use some anti-fog paint. Anti-fog coatings have always been a focus of research by many manufacturers. This coating can provide a very good anti-fog effect. Anti-fog coatings prevent fog by forming water droplets on the glass surface, relying entirely on the physical effects of anti-fog coatings. This method is safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Potato sweet potato homemade bathroom mirror led lights demister

This method is to slice the potato sweet potato and apply the entire mirror. Use the starch inside the potatoes to isolate the mirror from the mist. But the problem is, limited by the color and concentration of the starch, you have not been able to see the clear self from the mirror and you can only see a contour. Of course, there is always better than nothing.

Anti-fog mirror

There is a product on the market called anti-fog mirror. The principle is similar to that of the rearview mirror of a car. The method of heating the surface of the mirror is used to reduce the temperature difference between the mirror and the water vapor. The water vapor naturally does not disturb the mirror. Because of the need for power heating, it is more suitable for owners who have not yet renovated to prepare the socket.

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