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Is the Bathroom Mirror Still Fogging with A Rag? This Bathroom Mirror Is Anti-fog and Looks Good

Every day, when I am shaving after showering, there is a thick mist on the bathroom mirror. The mirror can't be seen clearly. It can't be wiped off with a rag for a long time. So, I have to wait until the water vapor on the mirror is dry to see it clearly.

I have consulted many people on this problem. It is said that it is fast and clean with paper. When it comes to taking a shower, take a shower and wash it with hot water. I have tried these methods and the results are not ideal. For example, the method of using a shower is completely ineffective, and some are too troublesome to prepare a piece of paper each time.

However, when I stayed at hotel, I found that the mirrors in the hotel were rarely foggy. A few days ago I went to a friend's house and found that his home mirror was not foggy. After asking, I found out that it was a special bathroom led demister mirror. This kind of mirror is called the treasure of the bathroom, so this mirror is different from the ordinary mirror. How to buy it? I will tell you today.

First of all, the types of bathroom led demister mirror commonly found in the market mainly include: anti-fog film and anti-fog film coating.

As the name suggests, anti-fog film is an anti-fog film on the back of the mirror. The anti-fog film is heated to the mirror to prevent condensation. Electric heating is used to prevent condensation. There are mainly three kinds of PVC-resistance wire, PET-resistance wire and PET-carbon fiber. Of course, the price is proportional to the service life. The more expensive material is better. PET-carbon fiber is the most expensive and durable in these three types and can be used repeatedly. The power outage of the internal circuit does not affect the use of the entire mirror. The cost is higher and it is now more popular with upscale hotels.

Now, the solution what is available on the market is the lamps with a circle, which anti-fog and enriches the function.

The coated anti-fog mirror is a layer of liquid on the mirror to prevent condensation. It mainly includes common coatings and nano coatings. The main principle is the same as applying soap and detergent on the mirror. It is the small hollow and unevenness on the surface of the mirror, so that the water vapor can not form water drops on the mirror surface to prevent fog.

In addition to the more effective anti-fog, the special anti-fogging agent or nano-coating has a continuous anti-fouling effect compared with the soil method of wiping soap. And you can buy your own anti-fogging agent online. Compared with the method of using electric heating, it is safer and the maintenance is more convenient.

Of course, the disadvantage is that compared with the electric heating, the appearance and the degree of atmosphere is much less. Moreover, as the effect of the anti-fogging agent is weakened, it is necessary to apply it regularly. This method is more common in automotive glass and eyes.

A good bathroom led demister mirror is the ultimate way to solve the fog of the bathroom mirror, but also improve the style of the bathroom. So, follow the instructions in the article to buy your favorite bathroom led demister mirror. Remember! Be sure to buy a big brand with warranty.

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