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Maintenance of Illuminated Mirror

LED illuminated mirror is mainly used to light the bathroom. But it can not only let us see our clear faces in the dark bathroom, but also play a role in decorating the bathroom. However, no matter what it is, it needs to be maintained for a long time. However, after a long time, the surface of the illuminated mirror will often be covered with a layer of dust and lose its original bright appearance. Therefore, the brand manufacturer of bathroom lamp mirror said that the cleaning and maintenance of lamp mirror should be paid attention to.

1. Maintenance of lamp lens

  • During cleaning and maintenance, we should pay attention not to change the structure of lamps, not to change the parts of lamps. After cleaning and maintenance, the lamps shall be installed as they are. Do not omit or misplace the parts of lamps.
  • Always wipe the lamp with dry cloth, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion. Avoid corrosion damage or leakage of short circuits for a long time.
  • Lamps installed in toilets and bathrooms must be equipped with damp proof lampshades, otherwise the service life will be greatly shortened.
  • In addition, do not hang articles or bake clothes on the lamp.

2. Cleaning of lamp lens

  • It is better not to clean the lamp with water, just wipe it with dry cloth. If you don't touch the water carefully, try to dry it. Do not wipe with wet cloth immediately after turning on the lamp, because the bulb is prone to burst in case of high temperature and water.
  • In terms of cleaning, the lampshade on the cloth surface cannot be flushed. Apply dry cleaner. If it is made of glass, it can be washed with water, and the framework of the lamp can only be wiped with a cloth.
  • It is a good way to clean the lamp lens with vinegar. Pour about a bottle of vinegar into half a basin of water. After mixing, soak the rag in vinegar water. The dust on the lamp can be wiped out by the dried rag. Because vinegar has the effect of cleaning and preventing static electricity, the lamp wiped with vinegar is not only bright, but also not easy to get dust.
  • Clean the lamp body with a soft dry cotton cloth. The movement should be kept from top to bottom, do not rub back and forth. When cleaning the lampshade, it is advisable to use a clean feather duster to gently brush it so as not to stain it or cause deformation.

The bathroom cabinet in the bathroom is closely linked to our life. And our cleaning and maintenance of anything in the bathroom is related to our life. Regular cleaning and maintenance of bathroom mirror lights LED can bring you a bright shower space.

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