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Here's the Led Light Mirror Cabinet Shopping Strategy and All the Attention Points!

LED lighted mirror cabinet is in the bathroom. From the perspective of the overall space of the toilet, it is essential to reserve a glove cabinet where all kinds of toiletries can be placed. This can not only ensure the cleanliness and atmosphere of the whole toilet space, but also facilitate daily use. Especially in the era of high house prices, saving space is making money! Besides, there is not much storage space in the bathroom of the Snail House, so when we were decorating and designing, we made it clear with designer C that both the primary and secondary bathroom were installed with LED light mirror cabinet. Put all kinds of parents' articles in as much as possible, and combine the mirror and cabinet to achieve the effect of large space and clear overall sense.

Considering that the walls where LED light mirror cabinet is installed in the main and secondary guard rooms of the snail house are all load-bearing walls, and the other side of the wall is the cloakroom, we have no choice but to abandon the method of occupying the width of the wall. Finally, we adopt the traditional wall hanging method. At present, the main types of LED light mirror cabinet on the market are:

1) From the material point of view, there are many materials for LED lighted mirror cabinet in toilet. Common ones are solid wood, stainless steel, glass Snail House is a simple American decoration style, with dry and wet areas, so it uses solid wood materials.

2) From the cabinet door, there are double doors, single doors and sliding door LED light mirror cabinet in the toilet, which should be selected according to the wall size and function mode.

3) From the perspective of internal space, how much can be put depends on the layout of internal space. We can choose the suitable internal space layout according to the quantity and specification of the commonly used washing products.

I think the selection of LED light mirror cabinet must emphasize the pertinence and effectiveness. This is because the size and opening mode of LED light mirror cabinet are often inconsistent with the layout and equipment layout in the toilet. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the details of the design, size and price.

1) Because the LED light mirror cabinet has thickness and occupies a certain space, the LED light mirror cabinet cannot be too thick, otherwise it is easy to bump into when you wash your face with your head down. Its thickness is generally within 15cm, so that the 48CM deep basin will not hit the head;

2)When the LED Lighted Mirror Cabinet door is opened, check whether there is conflict with the towel rack, glass partition, switch socket, etc;

3) Its unit price is higher, much more expensive than a single mirror;

4) We should pay attention to the waterproof performance of materials to avoid damp, mildew and rust.

Generally, the size of LED bathroom mirror cabinet installation is that the lower edge of the mirror is at least 135cm away from the ground. The actual size shall be based on the person standing in front of the LED light mirror cabinet with his head in the middle of the mirror. In this way, the imaging effect is more appropriate. This led light mirror cabinet is indented by 50-100mm on both sides, which can be adjusted flexibly according to the height difference between family members. Because the wall on one side of the basin cabinet of the snail house is decorated with waistline, its lower panel is not needed.

At the same time, manager Ma thinks that the toilet space is not large, so it is more refreshing in vision. In our daily life, in addition to face washing and bathing, we often wash our hands and use sanitary ware, both of which have low requirements for lighting, so there is no need to enter the bathroom with white lights every time. We recommend setting ambient light in the area near LED lighted mirror cabinet. The atmosphere light can be the light belt behind the LED light mirror cabinet, the small spotlight on the top of the LED light mirror cabinet, the spotlight on the sanitary ware, and the foot line light belt of the basin cabinet. In this way, it can not only feel high-end, but also avoid backlight when washing face and brushing teeth, so as to meet the needs of light.

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