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LED Intelligent Bathroom Mirror

The shower water temperature is about the same as the body temperature, between 35 ℃ and 40 ℃. The surface temperature of the bathroom mirror is a little lower than that of the room temperature. Large temperature difference + moist air after bath, which are two necessary conditions to cause bathroom mirror fog.

Due to the lower room temperature in winter, the temperature difference between bathroom mirror and air is larger, so the fog formed is also thicker, and the time for fog to dissipate naturally is longer.

The mirror should not only be big and fogproof, but also meet the needs of make-up most of the time. But on the market mirror cabinet's light is mostly used for the decoration, and cannot satisfy the makeup need. The lights are either out of position or out of brightness. At this time, the advantages of LED intelligent battery mirror are shown.

LED intelligent bathroom mirror has several features:

1. Anti fog. This is very important. After all, because the bathroom is very humid after bathing, the LED bathroom mirror needs to be repeatedly swept to see the human image. And led demister mirror can effectively image in high definition.

2. Bluetooth switch. It can be connected to Bluetooth devices at home. The so-called light up Bluetooth mirror can be understood as a loudspeaker built in the mirror. Although its sound effect is not as good as a professional speaker, at least when playing songs, the playing effect is better than that of mobile phones and iPads.

3. Light band (warm white light and positive white light). The color temperature of LED light source is about 6000K for white light and 3000K for warm light. They are not dazzling, but also can be adjusted corresponding to the needs of indoor environment and lighting. This makes the mirror work well. With LED mirrors, we don't need to install additional mirror headlights. This makes the bathroom more refreshing.

Do you think it's cool? And it looks pretty. In fact, the light of this kind of mirror is adjustable now. Generally, it is softer than the effect picture. Moreover, we will not use the bathroom mirror to see the face details, so we can basically ignore the small range of reflection.

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