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Is the Illuminated Mirror the Same As the Mirror Light?

An illuminated mirror is actually a mirror. It integrates lights and mirrors. The light source passes through the mirror, so people can see its appearance clearly in the dark environment. It can not only be installed on the dresser, but also on the bathroom mirror, which is convenient for those who like beauty. How about the illuminated mirror? What are its options? Is the illuminated mirror the same as the mirror light? Let's introduce it to you!

The difference between mirror and specular light

We often confuse the LED illuminated mirror with the specular light, thinking that the illuminated mirror and the specular light are the same. In fact, the biggest difference between the illuminated mirror and the mirror light is that the mirror lamp is a lamp separated from the mirror. The light source is emitted from the surface or the top, that is to say, there are several bulbs beside the mirror. Although this kind of mirror looks good, sometimes when these lamps are not fully illuminated, they are prone to shadow, so they cannot achieve the best lighting effect. Although the reflector itself is both a mirror and a lamp, we can understand it as a combination of the front mirror and the reflector. It is an upgraded version of the integrated lighting and mirrors. The light came out of the mirror. The front light source as a whole creates a family atmosphere of leisure, comfort and fashion. The disadvantage is that it can not get the best lighting effect.

In today's furniture, whether it's the bathroom mirror or the dresser, they are mostly installed on the wall, while the lights in our room are installed in the middle of the roof. Therefore, when we look in the mirror, if our back is facing the light, our face will look dark and the color will not be clear. This will bring great inconvenience to our facial cleaning. If we turn the illuminated mirror, the light will be transmitted directly from the front of the mirror, so that our face will be clear when we look at the mirror. The biggest advantage of the illuminated mirror is that the lamp and the mirror are installed in an integrated way, which is very convenient and saves the cost of purchasing the mirror front lamp. At the same time, it can also match our home style and create a leisurely, comfortable and fashionable home atmosphere. Therefore, we should install the illuminated mirror when installing the mirror.

Product style judgment and selection

When we choose an illuminated mirror, be careful to choose the same style. The light color, shape and style of the LED bathroom light mirror must match the overall interior decoration and furniture style, and reflect each other. When selecting an illuminated mirror, we mainly look at its luminous effect and appearance, that is, the light reflection effect after illumination. The integrated mirror should be integrated with the overall style of the installation location, either simple, new, nostalgic, avant-garde, rural or urban romantic. These can be reflected by light and shadow, so that people can enjoy the beauty of light. In general, it creates a family atmosphere of leisure, comfort and fashion. Therefore, an illuminated mirror should be installed when installing the mirror.

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