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Here is Self-service Desiccant Solution of LED Demister Mirrior

When head into the spring with much rain, there are much moisture indoors and outdoors, especially in south like sweat from wall, water from floor and fog from mirror. If led screen can be maintained well and be affected with damp, it will cause many problems like led damage, light dark, short circuit and lamp body damage. Don't worry, because we have led demister mirror with self-service, you don't need to worry about mirror in bathroom is out of use with mist.

When head into the autumn and winter, do you have this kind of trouble? such as the mirror in the bathroom is out of use because of mist, sometimes you are afraid of turning on or turning off the light because of wet hands. We all need a good lighting to brush our teeth, shaving, pick feather, pick our teeth and do make up. Sometimes we may be late when we think there are much time left. Whether we wear more or less also makes us upset, don't worry, led demister mirror can solve all of these problems for us. This led demister mirror is not with waterproof function but also with function that we can touch between objects to control switch with temperature, date and time. what's more, it has more intelligent demist function so that mirror can be clear quickly, it will provide you with brighter environment. Time and temperature can remind you some important schedule and dressing direction, you can equitable distribute you time freely.

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