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The Classification of Led Light up Makeup Mirror

In home applications, intelligent mirrors are divided into the following classifications:

Led light up makeup mirror, it has function of virtual makeup and match different led model by application, the lightness of led light up makeup mirror can be adjusted freely. Led light up makeup mirror is a good helper for girls to makeup and satisfy their requirement for beauty.

Bath mirror can be connected with many healthy equipment, such as body scale, skin instrument, electric toothbrush and sleep belt for recording users' health situation in real time. When stepping on body scale, bath mirror will show users' weight, body fat, it also can record health curve as a personal health manager.

Entrance mirror can be integrated with visual doorbell, it will be Intelligent control display terminal of family.

Dressing mirror, mirror surface and lucid OLED of intelligent mirror can create virtual closet, users can make sure whether their clothes or shoes are suitable for themselves by looking in the mirror. Compared to common mirror, It has advantages on acuity, definition, responsivity and contrast, at the same time, it largely shorten time of trying on clothes, it makes users get more comfortable experience in the process of shopping.

For users who have high requirement on decoration, intelligent mirror can bring more beautiful and practical experience for users because it adopts wireless technology without wire. Besides, intelligent mirrors also have advantages on oxidation resistance, high lightness, memory molecular, high hardness and water resistance.

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