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The Main Function of Bathroom Led Buletooth Mirror

Many people now don't pay attention to the decoration of bathroom, but with the development of our living standard, some engineers consider that bathroom should also be regarded as an interesting site, bathroom led bluetooth mirror is born at the right moment, it not only has the function of traditional mirror but also is clearer and more smooth with automatically preventing mist and conservation function. It has magnifying glass and digital display so that users can know the date and temperature easily. At the same time, it can be installed with touch screen, Bluetooth audio and android system, which takes every detail of life into consideration heart to heart.

At present, the technology of bathroom led bluetooth mirror in market is mature with simple operation, it just needs to keep light on and turn on the led light by phone and choose which led you want to control so that you can control the switch, strong and weak and colors of led light for making you living environment more colorful. Bathroom led bluetooth mirror has many convenient functions, such as  lighting system scene mode setting, user habits memory, voice control, answering the phone, playing music, customizing the app and hardware and bound mode of phone to avoiding controlling.
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