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The Purchase Steps of LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Led illuminated bathroom mirror is different from other ordinary mirrors. Bathrooms are generally damp, so the process requirements for mirrors are relatively high. The main points are as follows:

1. Look at the process: in the case of bathroom mirrors, in order to protect the silver ions in the mirror from reacting with the moisture in the air, and the lens producing black edges and black spots, a copper film is required on the silver film. A primer and a top coat are applied to the film to enhance the protection, which can extend the life of the mirror;

2. Look at the style: we can choose the appropriate bathroom light mirror according to the style of our home and bathroom to match the overall style. For example, an oval mirror is more suitable for European style, and a square mirror is more suitable for Chinese style and so on;

3. Look at the waterproof and rust-proof function: ordinary mirrors will become dull if placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, and even rust and fall off, so it is very necessary to choose a mirror with a high quality of waterproof and rust-proof function;

4. Look at the anti-fog function: as far as the bathroom mirror is concerned, the anti-fog function is the most important! A lot of fog will appear after the shower in the bathroom, causing the mirror surface to become blurred. A tailor-made anti-fog film is generally used in the market, which is a translucent polyester film that can generate heat after being energized. Stick to the back of the bathroom mirror before use, and try to keep it flat for easy use;

5. Look at the storage function: the general space of the bathroom is relatively small. While considering the beauty, the mirror with the storage function can make up for the lack of bathroom space, and the small mirror can be fully used.

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