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Hangzhou Spremiumbath Teaches You How to Install Demister Mirror

Nowadays people are making more requests for bathrooms.Take the bathroom mirror, it must be anti-fog. Because the bathroom itself is a place with a lot of water vapor, this has caused some troubles in the use of people, so anti-fog in the bathroom mirror is essential!

So how do you make the bathroom mirror anti-fog requirements? Some people say that you can use soap without water, dry the mirror surface, and then gently wipe off the too obvious soap marks with a dry paper towel, so you can not let the mirror fog. Some people say that there is an anti-fog agent for cars, which is sprayed directly on the mirror surface, and then gently wiped with a towel. After rubbing, the mirror will form an oil film, which will not fog. These methods are useful, but the timeliness is not long. Anti-fog can be done in a short time. But it also hurts the mirror, it will reduce the life of the mirror, and the operation is troublesome!

Hangzhou spremiumbath bluetooth demister mirror comes with anti-fog function and is waterproof. Bathroom mirrors can be customized to provide convenience and comfort for people's lives.

1. Junction box location:

For easy installation, the power supply and junction box must be installed near the bluetooth demister mirror.

2. Base surface treatment:

In order to improve the heat utilization efficiency, a 9-18 mm thick artificial wood board is usually used as a base board on the wall of the area where the anti-fog mirror is installed. Due to the installation process, the power cord may be curled on the back of the lens after the bluetooth demister mirror is installed, resulting in the lens being not installed securely or unevenly, so the partial base plate must be cut off.

3. Power connection:

The anti-fog film has no positive and negative electrodes. It is only necessary to connect the power input terminal wires to the anti-fog film wires.

4. The anti-fog mirror is mounted on the wall:

After attaching double-sided tape and neutral silicone on the base plate at regular intervals, attach the bluetooth demister mirror to the specified position on the wall.

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