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How To Choose Led Illuminated Mirrors For Bathroom

There are several points to choose a led illuminated mirrors for bathroom:

1. Anti-fog is a must-have function. After all, the bathroom moisture is particularly high after bathing. The mirror needs to be repeatedly cleaned so that it can be seen clearly. The anti-fog mirror can be effectively high-definition imaging.

2. Bluetooth switch. This allows the mirror to connect with the home Bluetooth device, in fact, it can be understood as a built-in speaker inside the mirror. Although the sound is not good enough as professional speakers, at least when playing songs, the playback effect is stronger than the phone and iPad.

3. The light belt (warm white light and white light). LED light source color temperature is not glare and it can be adjusted according to the indoor environment, lighting needs, which is very easy to use. And you don't need to install additional mirror headlights to make the bathroom more refreshing. Is it cool and good-looking? Some people will worry about the problem of reflection, in fact, the light of this mirror is now adjustable, generally softer than the shot, and the mirror of our bathroom won't be taken to look at the details of the face, so this reflection is basically negligible.
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