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Maintenance strategy: Nine strokes to make the bathroom mirror shine forever

In the family life, the bathroom is used frequently, and the bathroom is not only an important part of the home decoration, but also directly related to the daily cleaning and health of the family members. Therefore, when decorating the house, it is very important to pay attention to the bathroom decoration if is is practical and beautiful. Mirror is indispensable item in the bathroom. Almost every bathroom has a mirror. Especially for families with female members, mirroring is a must-do before going out every day.

1. Do not wipe the mirror with a damp cloth in daily life. Because the water vapor in the bathroom is heavy, the mirror is in a damp state. If it is checked with a damp cloth, it will cause the mirror to appear dark spots.
2. When washing,be careful not drop greases, acid and other chemical products on the mirror. Because those thing drop on the mirror  will cause chemical action, shorter the life of mirror.
3. When cleaning the mirror, use a clean and dry cloth or cotton cloth. For the edge area,we could wipe it with water.
4. For the edge area if there have stain, especially in the gap between the mirror and the wall, we can use kerosene to clean, take dry &soft cloth, wet with kerosene for cleaning.
5.the mirror just like a human face, you can use milk for maintenance. Use the expired dairy milk or the rest drinking  milk, take with a dry soft cloth, cotton or even a cotton pad into the milk, Wiping the mirror, will make the mirror more bright.
6. Detergent can not only eliminate oil stains, but also a major maintenance tool for bathroom mirrors. While keeping the mirror surface dry, put detergent on the dry cloth and wipe the mirror surface, which not only can prevent mold, but also prevent water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface.
7. In addition to the decontamination of kerosene, the use of soap also has an excellent decontamination effect, while keeping the mirror surface bright.
8. In daily life, for female residents, maintenance mirrors can also use astringent lotion. Applying makeup to a dry cloth for wiping can provide excellent maintenance.
9. If there is oil-absorbing paper in your home, it can also be used for wiping, and the decontamination effect is also obvious.

After purchasing the bathroom mirror, we need to pay attention to the use and cleaning in daily life. According to the bathroom mirror maintenance method introduced above, you can make your bathroom mirror shine and durable.
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