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What is the Principle of Mist Free Bathroom Mirror?

In fact, lens fogging is a common phenomenon. However, fogging of lenses is common in winter. The mirror of the bathroom is also prone to fogging, making the mirror inconvenient to use. In order to solve the problem of fogging, an anti-fog mirror has been designed. If the anti-fog mirror can be fully applied in the bathroom, the effect of the mirror can be greatly improved. This is the case with mist free bathroom mirror. At present, many families have begun to use anti-fog mirrors, but little is known about the principle of anti-fog mirrors. What is the principle of the mist free bathroom mirror? The next step is to introduce.

The mirrors in the bathroom are mainly divided into ordinary mirrors and anti-fog mirrors. The anti-fog mirror is further divided into a coating anti-fog mirror and an electric anti-fog mirror. The former prevents the form of the fog layer by coating the micropores; the latter increases the humidity of the mirror surface by electric heating, and the mist rapidly evaporates, thereby failing to form a fog layer. In addition, there are other types of anti-fog mirrors on the market.

Ordinary anti-fog glasses are not durable. Spraying the anti-fogging agent multiple times will blur the lens, and the anti-fogging agent containing chemical ingredients will cause some damage to the eyes. There are two reasons for fogging of the lens: one is the liquefaction caused by the hotter gas in the lens and the colder the lens; the second is the evaporation of the surface of the skin sealed by the glasses. The gas on the lens condenses, which is also the main reason why the spray antifogging agent does not work. An anti-fog glass designed by the principle of electromagnet is controlled by an electromagnet to control the shaving strip by an electronic timing button that can adjust the shaving frequency. It can be used for swimming, skiing, mountaineering, diving, medical care (due to the anti-fog problem of eye mask during the SARS epidemic, which brings a lot of inconvenience to medical workers), labor insurance, scientific research and biochemistry, helmets, space suits, optical instruments and so on.

The mist free bathroom mirror prevents fogging. If you have some basic selection criteria, you don't have to worry about having such a problem. In fact, after a lot of people have used it for a while, they will be able to think deeply about the effect of using this product. In fact, at the time of purchase, everyone can directly do an anti-fog test on the spot. You can use some of our watering cans for a simple test. If the water drops can not stick to the mirror, then the brand's anti-fog mirror is good.

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