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SPREMIUM teaches you how to improve the "mirror world"

The mirror is an indispensable item in the bathroom space, which helps us to adjust the look and feel to be perfect. 
Bathroom mirrors have great emphasis on the installation location, shape, size, etc. These are the key points that must be paid attention to in improving the bathroom "mirror world". SPREMIUM has carefully organized seven ways to improve the bathroom "mirror world", make your "mirror world" superior. 

1. Installation 
The mirror of the location bathroom should not be installed across the window. The environment outside the window is changeable, and the dust is easily blown by the wind and attached to the mirror surface, which makes the mirror surface untidy and not easy to cleaning. The mirror is a must-have item every day, so you must make sure the mirror is clean, reflecting the real image. 
The bathroom mirror should not be facing the door also. We often wake up in the morning and enter the bathroom as first. The mirror of the bathroom reflects the unkempt self. At this time, the person is half-awake and easy to be scared by himself.
2. Height 
In the bathroom, the mirror is generally placed in a standing state, and the height of the mirror is preferably match that the person's face is in the middle of the mirror. The distance between the lower edge of the mirror and the ground should be above 135 cm. If the height difference between family members is relatively large, it can be adjusted slightly. Of course, you can also choose a full-length mirror, so you can ignore the height problem and see the whole body at any time. 
3. Shape 
Some mirrors look good when taken, except for the quality of the mirror itself, and by the shape of the mirror. 
The mirror in the bathroom is best in a square shape. The square mirror is simple and practical, and the wall coverage is wide, which also easy to match with the environment of bathroom. An oval mirror is also a good choice. The shape is round and visually stretched vertically, making people look like people in the painting. The composition ratio is just right, and sure it will feel beautiful. Choosing a polygonal mirror can make the bathroom full of uniqueness. The polygonal mirror has sharp edges and corners, the lines are beautiful, and the overall style is simple and retro. 
4. Size 
Putting a big mirror in your bathroom, can not only mirroring clear and complete images, can also stretch your in the morning, expand your energy when you fall asleep at night, which helps to enhance self-confidence and maintain a beautiful mood. 
The mirror is always matched with the wash basin. If there are multiple wash basins in the bathroom, it is advisable to set the mirror for each wash basin to make the bathroom look neat and orderly. 
5. Color 
Mirror and bathroom color layout issues are also very important. Visually, the reflection of the mirror can extend the space of the bathroom, and the light-colored bathroom can maximize the function of the extended space of the mirror. Light colors such as white, pink, and beige are all good choices. But if you really prefer the dark color, then SPREMIUM can satisfy you also. 
6. Lighting 
If the light is dim, the bathroom will appear more oppressive and narrow. Choose a mirror with LED lights to stretch the field of view and increase the sense of space. At the same time, the soft and clear light can make the face more stereoscopic and realistic, so that you can better capture your beautiful details. 
The mirrors of many series of SPREMIUM products are equipped with LED lighting, which has perfect lighting effect. It can also control the light switch through the sensor to adjust the light height. 
7. Music 
Want to improve the bathroom "mirror world", with music is wonderful. Spremium can also provide the mirrors equipped with an integrated sound system that plays music through Bluetooth and instantly fills the bathroom. 
Spremium combines original design with top technology to develop and manufacture first-class products to meet all consumer needs. Our mirror products combine function and art, to make the bathroom more personal and comfortable, making your "mirror world" superior. 

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